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Use this secure form to ENROLL WITH ANY HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL on the Signature Primary Care and Wellness team.  If you encounter any problems or prefer to enroll by phone, please call 614-710-0075.

Once you submit this enrollment form, we will contact you within a business day to confirm your membership, get to know your specific needs and schedule your first visit!

For Signature Primary Care memberships: Filling out this form does not guarantee membership or constitute establishing a physician-patient relationship.  We do not deny membership based on medical conditions, insurance status, age, race or any other personal factors.  Our patient panel is limited however and we will confirm our ability to properly care for your needs based on our clinicians' scope of practice and our panel capacity. We look forward to serving you!

For Signature Wellness Services (Counseling, Coaching, Yoga Classes, or Wellness Treatments): Thank you for enrolling.  We will contact you within a business day to confirm your specific needs and schedule your first visit!

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Note: Signature Primary Care and Wellness does not bill insurance for its services with only the rare exception listed at Our clinicians are considered out of network providers with most insurances. Medicare beneficiaries are not permitted to seek reimbursement for SPC services from Medicare. We are happy to work with your insurance to process referrals, prescriptions, prior authorizations, etc.


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I will be charged a recurring fee per member for primary care services as described at and in the membership agreement below.

For Signature Wellness Services (Counseling, Coaching, or Yoga):

Service Primary Care members Non-members
Counseling with Kevin $50 $95
Yoga $10/session $15/session
$85/10-session package $120/10-session package

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